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for general contracting and transportation and supplying of structural materials and tools Limited


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Directed the company

The company aims to contribute to building the national economy through the implementation of Construction of different types within the private sector and mixed according to the development and planning decisions.

Investment projects

  • Investment project service, maintenance and collection of Yarmouk stores.
  • ​Investment operation project printing press of the Ministry of Health.

The company’s activity

Implementation of construction works on the establishment and demolition of buildings and types of road and rail and airports, dams, reservoirs and irrigation and drainage projects, ports, water and sewage works and other construction works and related mechanical and electrical works Bmquaolat do electrical works, mechanical and related work includes setting up and installation of equipment and machinery, pumping station and mobile switches and the work of air-conditioning and establishments electrical and plumbing, sewage, refineries and metal towers and fixtures and other works that fall within the jurisdiction

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